Frequently asked questions:


When will I get paid for my suggestions?

Payments for suggestions are paid quarterly, approximately the 3rd Friday following the end of the quarter.


Where do I find the status of one of my suggestions?

Go to “My Account” on the home page and then click on the suggestion you are seeking information about.


How much is paid for a tangible suggestion?

Go to the “Rewards” link on the home page for any questions regarding the amounts paid based on the type of suggestion.


What is the “Back Office”?

This area is only accessible by the SET team and it is for the review and processing of suggestions.


What is this month’s theme?

You can find the monthly theme details on the Home page if you scroll down to the middle of the page.


Can I run a report of my suggestions?

Please contact a member of the SET to run reports for you.At this time this capability is limited to the SET team.


How do I attach a document to my suggestion, like a photo or an MS Word or Excel file?

When entering your suggestion form the last line item before clicking on submit is where you can browse for your document and select it for attachment to your suggestion.


How will I be notified when my suggestion is approved?

You will receive an email.


Can I change my password?

Yes. On the “My Account” page click on the password tab.


What if I don’t see one of my suggestions?

Contact a member of the SET if you do not see a submitted suggestion listed on your “My Account’ page.